What warning signs should be watched?

You can judge by yourself and agree that men go to see a doctor not often. It should be a serious illness or symptoms, which prevent them from being active, only in this case they turn to physicians for consultation or help. If a man feels healthy there is no chance to persuade him to take care of his body. But being active isn’t the same as being healthy indeed. The problems may be not observed but they can exist and it is very important not to allow complications to happen because of late diagnoses.

If you are interested in protecting your well-being you should know the principle symptoms indicating potential health conditions. Of course it does not mean that you are expected to catch the symptoms just when they occur because usually it needs some time before you notice them. Though, there are obvious and immediate new experience and perhaps rather painful, which cannot be missed. We would like to offer a list of symptoms, which cannot be ignored and should be discussed with a doctor in order to evaluate the potential risk to health.

Chest pain

Chest pain

We know that even slight sensation of pain or just discomfort behind your chest bone is most likely connected with a heart attack, but it could be caused by other reasons including other cardio problems. For example it can be a sign of a lung condition. It is known that pneumonia can be in a latent form. It even can concern a gastrointestinal health condition like a stomach ulcer. As you understand, the treatment regimens are completely different, and they can cancel each other out. That is why this discomfort needs a doctor’s attention.

Hair Loss

Unfortunately a lot of men suffer from hair loss. This is so common that there are no even worries if it starts. These changes happen at middle age as well as after a surgery or stress or severe illness and under these circumstances a man may lose his hair temporarily. Thus if a man starts losing hair without the above reasons for it, he’d better consider this state as a warning for a men’s health condition, for example it can be a consequence of syphilis, ringworm, or thyroid disease.

Erectile Dysfunction

You do know that more than a half of reasons for ED are different health conditions. That is why it is highly recommended to have a medical examination just when you face this problem more than once occasionally. Check if you do not have heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, kidney or liver problems, multiple sclerosis, and any condition that can damage arteries, tissues, nerves, and smooth muscles.

Bloody Urine

In urine there must not be blood ever! If you see it, it is a cause for concern. It can be even the result of prostate cancer. Also stones in kidneys or bladder can lead to blood in urine. So, do not postpone a visit to a doctor, because the inflammation can start or infection can get about the internal parts of a body.


Fatigue looks like very common condition, which we all survive from time to time overcoming stress or physical exertion. But when a man has a continuous lack of energy and feels really bad, it can be a symptom of kidney or liver problems, cancer, diabetes, infections, and so on. It can show also that a man has anemia.

Excessive Thirst

A man is recommended to drink a lot of water during a day – about 1,5 liters in order to be healthy any full of life, but excessive thirst when a desire to have a drink of water becomes obsessional, speaks of some health condition, like hyperglycemia and diabetes. More rarely it can be an indication of infection and internal bleeding.

Problems with eyes

If a man notices that his vision deteriorates, he should visit a doctor. Even if this happen due to natural reasons like age, the check-ups are needed if only to buy glasses. But such deviations like blind spots, halos around lights, and others can be a clue of a serious eye condition. A man should rule out such diseases as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and others possible ones. The vision problems may also be a result of a migraine or a stroke.